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Analytical Chemistry

Price: $15/mo

Subject: Chemistry

Instructor: David Tompkins


This course is for students currently enrolled in an undergraduate level Analytical Chemistry course. This course guide contains over 800 exam-like questions with illustrated solutions.

Topics Covered:

Unit 1: Acid-Base

  • Includes 49 Pages of Practice Questions (with Answer Keys)

Unit 2: Separations

  • Includes 49 Pages of Practice Questions (with Answer Keys)

Unit 3: Spectroscopy

  • Includes 45 Pages of Practice Questions (with Answer Keys)

Unit 4: Electrochemistry

  • Includes 32 Pages of Practice Questions (with Answer Keys)

Unit 5: Appendix

  • Includes 2 Pages of Practice Questions (with Answer Keys)


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"I highly recommend David for organic chemistry tutoring. He is extremely knowledgeable and great at explaining both the essential foundations and tricky, higher-level concepts."

"Coming up with hundreds of exam-like questions on the spot, David has challenged me to think critically and comprehensively about chemistry. He has helped me to believe in myself and has instilled a sense of confidence in my ability to excel in chemistry that I didn't have before knowing him. Never being condescending, David will answer all of your questions, going above and beyond what any professor ever will."

“David tailored every moment of our sessions to fit my needs and supplied me with countless practice problems and explanations. He patiently clarified concepts and taught me strategies that helped me reason through and solve complex problems.”

“David can actually teach - not just answer questions like most tutors. You can come to him with a topic you are struggling with and he will run with it, coming up with problems on the fly and making sure you truly understand the material. He took me from a student who got a 50 on my first orgo exam to an A- student.”

"Working with David has completely changed how I view the subject of Chemistry. A class like Orgo once intimidated me, but having him in my corner gave me the skills and confidence to conquer the course."