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Organic Chemistry I Videos

Price: $20/mo

Subject: Videos

Instructor: David Tompkins


Recorded lectures and video for all subjects within the Organic I Curriculum by David Tompkins.

Videos Included:

1. Hybridization and Structural Analysis

2. Resonance

3. Covalent Bonding: Lewis Structures, Resonance Contributors, Formal Charge, and Bond Order

4. Lewis Structures, Bonding, Hybridization, Resonance, and Geometry

5. Structure, Bond Order, Formal Charge, Oxidation State & Resonance

6. Acid-Base: An Organic Perspective

7. Acid-Base: Application

8. Acid-Base: Application II

9. Conformational Analysis & Newman Projections I

10. Conformational Analysis & Newman Projections II

11. Conformational Analysis & Newman Projections III

12. Converting Newman Projections to Line-Angle Formulas

13. Newman Projections & IUPAC Nomenclature

14. Converting Line-Angle Formulas to Newman Projections

15. Conformations of Cyclohexane

16. Drawing Chair Conformations

17. The Chair Flip

18. Disubstituted Cyclohexanes & Stability

19. Newman Projections of Cyclohexanes

20. Strain & Stability of Cycloalkanes

21. Isomerism: Conformational, Constitutional, and Configurational

22. Stereocenters and Achiral Stereoisomers

23. Chiral Stereocenter (Asymmetric Center) Identification

24. Absolute Configuration of Asymmetric Centers (R vs. S)

25. Stereochemical Relationships

26. Meso Compounds & Chiral vs. Achiral Compounds

27. Total Optical and Geometric Stereoisomeric Counts

28. Isomeric Relationships

29. Stereochemistry

30. Stereochemistry and Conformational Analysis

31. IUPAC Nomenclature & Stereochemistry

32. Degrees of Unsaturation

33. Alkene Stability

34. The Reaction Coordinate Diagram

35. Alkene Reactions: Intro

36. Resonance: Application

37. Alkene Reactions: Regioselectivity

38. Alkene Reactions: Carbocations

39. Acid-Catalyzed Additions to Alkenes

40. Reaction Stereochemistry with Carbocation Intermediates

41. Alkene Reactions: Bridge Intermediate

42. Alkene Reactions: Oxymercuration

43. Alkene Reactions: Hydrogenation

44. Alkenes: Hydroboration-Oxidation

45. Alkene Reactions: Epoxidation

46. Alkenes: Dihydroxylation and Ozonolysis

47. Alkyne Reactions: Intro

48. Alkynes: Addition of HX

49. Alkynes: Bridge Intermediates

50. Alkynes: Mercury-Catalyzed Hydration

51. Alkynes: Hydroboration-Oxidation

52. Alkynes: Reduction

53. Alkynes: Acetylide Ions

54. Alkynes: Synthesis

55. Dienes and Delocalization

56. Conjugated Dienes: MO’s, 1,2/1,4 Additions, and K vs. T

57. Conjugated Dienes: Diels Alder

58. Aromaticity: Intro

59. Aromatic Compounds

60. Frost Diagrams

61. Aromaticity: Concepts

62. SN2

63. Amine Synthesis via SN2

64. SN1 and Competition between SN1 and SN2

65. Solvents: Intro

66. Solvents: Effects on Reaction Dynamics

67. E1: Unimolecular Elimination

68. E2: Bimolecular Elimination

69. Alcohol Substitution

70. Activation & Substitution of Alcohols

71. Alcohol Elimination

72. Acid-Catalyzed Hydration & Dehydration

73. Alcohol Substitution & Synthesis

74. Alcohol Oxidation

75. Ether Formation and Cleavage

76. Ethers: Reactions & Synthesis

77. Synthesis via Alkenes, Alkynes, Alcohols, and Ethers

78. Epoxides: Excellent Synthons

79. Organometallics I

80. Organometallics II

81. Structure & Stability of Radicals

82. Alkane Halogenation

83. Stereochemistry of Radical Reactions

84. Addition of HBr: Regioselectivity

85. NBS: Allylic & Benzylic Bromination & Synthesis

86. Radical Reactions

87. Reaction Selectivity

88. Cumulative Synthesis

89. Synthesis

90. Alkyl, Allyl, Vinyl, Aryl, and Benzyl Reactivities

91. Allylic & Benzylic Reactivity towards SN1

92. Allylic, Benzylic, and Phenolic Acidity

93. Allylic & Benzylic Carbanions

94. Allylic & Benzylic Reactivity towards SN2

95. 1H NMR: Chemical Shift

96. 1H NMR: Topicity & Equivalence

97. 1H NMR: Chemical Equivalence

98. 1H NMR: Integration

99. 1H NMR: Splitting

100. 1H NMR: Solving Spectra: Techniques

101. 1H NMR: Structural Elucidation I

102. 1H NMR: Structural Elucidation II

103. 1H NMR: Structural Elucidation III

104. 1H NMR: Structural Elucidation IV



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